History of The Tribe:


Month Events
  • The Tribe started broadcasting in Ireland on RTE. [src]
  • Jan 9: Cast members went to the production centre to have their tribal looks applied for the filming ahead, involving hair cuts and colouring. [src]
  • Jan 10 - 14: The Tribe Series 2 had its twentieth week of principal photography, returning after a three week holiday break. Filming was for episodes 37 - 40 (block 10). Thursday was a big shooting day with four different locations, all within a few minutes of the studio base. There were 45 extra cast besides the regular cast.[src]
  • Jan 17 - 21: The Tribe Series 2 had its twentyfirst week of principal photography, filming for episodes 41 - 44 (block 11). Tuesday included filming at the farm. New characters this week included Wolf, Lips, Teeth and Dimples. [src]
  • Week of Jan 17: Members of the cast were interviewed for new Tribeworld interviews, talking about themselves, their characters and The Tribe. [src]
  • Jan 24 - 28: The Tribe Series 2 had its twenty-second week of principal photography. Some scenes were filmed at the Horton Bailey Hotel swimming pool. Competition winner Chloe Frances, in character as "Amazon", filmed scenes for the final episode.[src]
  • Jan 29: The cast appear at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington, performing "Abe Messiah" and "This is the Place" for a crowd of 20,000 people as pre-match entertainment for an Australian Rules Football/Australian Football League game, televised in Australia. [src]
  • Jan 31 - Feb 4: The Tribe Series 2 had its twenty-third week of principal photography, with February 4 the last shooting day (#116). Monday they filmed at the beach with over 250 people. Other locations through the week included a local racetrack, Wellington city streets. [src]
  • Feb 5: The cast and crew have a wrap party for The Tribe Series 2. [src]
  • The Tribe Series 2 set to finish principal photography. [src]
  • The Tribe Series 2 set to finish post-production in April/May. [src]
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