Phoenix Mall

Phoenix Mall (usually just referred to as "the mall") is a former shopping mall located within the Centre City Plaza building in Sector 10 of the city. Providing sanctuary from the dangerous city streets and tribes, the mall became the home and headquarters of the Mall Rats, with the shops serving as rooms for the tribe's members.

Additionally, as needs be, the mall was used as an antidote distribution center, trading market and hospital. Being the place that Zoot died, it was taken over by the Chosen during their reign.


The Centre City Plaza is a multi storey building located in the central city in sector 10, in a commercial area surrounded by towers and offices (BMR11). In addition to the mall, the building houses a vast car park spanning several levels.

Facing the street is the towering facade of the mall, with a vehicle entrance into the car park and a person entrance with sliding doors leading directly into the mall, the latter of which is never used and eventually boarded up. From the second level of the car park, an L-shaped corridor leads into the ground floor of the mall. At the back of the mall there is a garage port entrance, as well as a zig-zag staircase with doors to several levels, and an entrance to the basement below ground level. At the side of the mall, there is a manhole leading into the sewers, which is used for more discrete comings and goings into the mall.

The mall interior is located on two floors with various shops and areas. There are even more floors and shops above, but they are never used by the Mall Rats because they were damaged in a fire prior to them moving in (BMR64). Entering from the car park, one enters the grille area facing a large bronze statue of a phoenix with fairy lights hanging from the ceiling on the second floor. A grand staircase leads up to the cafe, with a balcony encircling the entire second floor. Beyond the stairs on the ground floor is an area with market stalls and large green doors leading into the sewers.

A storage and service area, with rows of shelves and a large cage was located on the second floor, directly above the sewers.

Series Five

Boutique - Lex and Siva; Jack and Ellie

Mainline Music and Antiques - The new café

Headspace - Amber

Furry Friends Pet Shop - Trudy

Huzzo's - Sammy and Mouse

Rossini's Shoes - Ebony and Jay; Salene