Story overview

The Bully

Determined to be top dog in the mall, Lex would bully, steal and intimidate to get his way, or just to display dominance. He despised Bray and Trudy and actively tried to get them out of the mall, and was frequently at odds with Amber and the girls due to his old-fashioned views about labour division (girls cook and clean, boys hunt and fight). He secured the position of tribe leader through bribes and threats, but quickly grew tired of the responsibility and instead took the role of Head of Security.

Relationships and the Virus

Married to Zandra; Hope Island, Eagle Mt.

Downward Spiral


Marriage and Complications

Marriage to Tai-San, the Chosen takeover, taken by the Technos.

Age of the Technos

Disappearance of people, schemes, gladiator, defeating Ram, Siva, Liberty, Mega.



Lex entered the post-apocalyptic world fresh out of bootcamp with baggage from an abusive upbringing.

Behind the scenes

Lex was portrayed by Caleb Ross. He has appeared in every season and novel, and out of all the cast has appeared in the most episodes of The Tribe.