Tribe: Mall Rats, The Chosen, The Eco Tribe
Boyfriends: Jay
Dates and interests: Martin / Zoot
Child: Brady
Occupations: Supreme Mother
Seasons: Season 1, season 2 (ep. 1 - 16, 32-52), season 3 (ep. 1 - 17, 28 - 52), season 4 (ep. 1 - 5, 20 - 28, 46 - 52), season 5

Trudy's Story

Post-Apocalyptic Panic

Heavily pregnant, Trudy relied on Bray to take care of her after the virus. Staying with the unwelcoming Mall Rats, insecure about the distant Bray who did not reciprocate her love, responisble for a demanding baby she could not handle, Trudy struggled with her mental health to the point of attempting suicide.

Embracing The Tribe

After leaving baby and tribe behind for the countryside with Dal, Trudy had a change of heart and returned, embracing both her role as a mother and as a member of the Mall Rats. She softened around the edges, accepted that Bray's feelings lay elsewhere, had friendships with the girls in the tribe, and took care of the younger ones.

Supreme Mother

Zoot-worshipping cult The Chosen kidnapped Brady, and Trudy had no choice but to join them as the Supreme Mother to the Divine Child. Brainwashed with their ideology, Trudy betrayed her friends and the city, making way for the Chosen to invade. After losing her power to the manical Guardian, she was rescued by Bray and the rebels.

Eco Warrior

After her ordeals in life and her stay with the Ecos in the woods, Trudy returned a stronger woman. Following the defeat of the Chosen, she was kidnapped for ransom alongside Amber and they made it through due to Trudy's perseverance. Ebony ascended to city leader and banished Amber. Trudy helped deliver her baby, then they went to live with the Ecos once more.


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