The Tribe Soundtrack: Volume 2

01. Tribal Gladiatoral Fanfare 02. Mall Rat Reflection 03. New Dawn Chant 04. Tribe Transition 05. The Dream Must Stay Alive (Instrumental Version) 06. Locos Patrol 07. Lighter Moments 08. Dream Must Stay Alive Refrain 09. Forboding 10. The Dream Must Stay Alive (Full Version) 11. Sound of the Streets 12. Hope for the Future 13. Eco Theme 14. Tribal Temptation 15. The Dream Must Stay Alive (Variation) 16. Party Time! 17. Tribal Challenges 18. Invasion 19. Chosen Variations 20. New Dawn (Instrumental) 21. Apocalyptic Variations 22. Introspective Spirit 23. Guardian Variations 24. Abe Messiah (End Title Extension)

New Dawn

Tai-San dances to the song at the gathering.

Series 1 Episode 32: The Mall Rats play the song and dance to it to celebrate that the wind turbine is working again.