Tribe Summer Tour 2003


August 17 - Madrid

Caleb, Beth and Meryl, plus Saranne and Emily, flew from New Zealand to Madrid through Singapore and Frankfurt

August 18 - Madrid

Visit to Telecinco studios for photo shoots, promotional video shoots (including ones for christmas), a press conference, appearance on the show "Max Clan" and individual interviews.

August 19 - Madrid

Visit to Telecinco Studios and the soundstage part of Studio Picasso, filming spots for Spanish TV. Followed by lunch, sightseeing and dinner.


August 20 – Munich

The cast flew from Madrid to Munich. Had photo shoots with Bravo magazine (photographer Michael), filmed a feature for Logo at ZDF, and took the train to Erfurt in the evening.

August 21 – Erfurt

Fiilming with KI.KA in an old factory and, filming and photo shoots, photo shoot and interview with Mark from YAM! magazine, photographer Guido.

August 22 - Erfurt

Visit to KI.KA studios and live appearance on the TV show Kikania; live web cam chat on the KI.KA website; train to Frankfurt in the evening.


August 23 - London Hippodrome Gathering

Flight from Frankfurt (with fans at the air port) to Heathrow. Tribal Gathering event for UNICEF at the Hippodrome. Dress up competition, watched an episode of The Tribe as well as footage from the previous tour. Matt performed 3 songs, Meryl performed 2 songs from Abe Messiah. Evening with competition winners at Pizza Express.

August 24 - London and Cambridge

The cast went to a charity cricket match at Cambridge.

August 25 - London

The cast had a day off and went shopping.

Atlanta – Dragon*Con

August 26 - Atlanta

Beth, Caleb and Meryl flew from Heathrow to Atlanta. Were met by Bridget from WAM! and the gang running The Tribe Track at the Dragon*Con.

August 27 - Atlanta

Beth, Caleb and Meryl had a day off. Tom and Mikey arrived from New Zealand.

August 28 - Atlanta

Day off.

August 29 - Dragon*Con Day 1

The cast did a spot on Good Morning Atlanta, interview sessions with WAM!, Tribe Fashion Show and competition at the Hyatt, meeting with WAM! The Tribe Sweepstake winner; Tom had an individual Q&A session, opening ceremony, signing session at The Tribe Track; the boys went to the drumming circle.

August 30 - Dragon*Con Day 2

Street Parade with a beach themed float set up by Tribe Red Dragon. Discussion panel about growing up on The Tribe. Signing session at the WAM booth. Meryl and Caleb had individual Q&A sessions with fans in the track area. Guest Banquet in the evening with an award for Raymond Thompson. WAM VIP Party in the suite.

August 31 - Dragon*Con Day 3

Morning interview with some fans. Beth and Tom participated in a game show based on Family Feud. Signing sessions. Michael and Beth had individual Q&A sessions with fans. Interview with WAM!! competition winner Mary Colleen. Interview with Clear Radio Network. Tom had an interview with WAM. Tribestyle panel with Saranne and Emily. Masquerade at the Convention Centre. Meryl performed You Belong to Me, and she and Tom performed an original song. Filmed closing idents with WAM.

September 1 - Dragon*Con Day 4

Signing session at the WAM booth. Final signing session and photo ops wiith fans. Last day before they flew back to New Zealand.